Lucky Star and the Western Cape’s very own, Mielie are linking to make accessories that can’t be found at your local spaza or anywhere else in the world.

Every Mielie X Lucky Star bag is one of a kind because the talented crafters make them from the comfort of their homes.

All of our bags are made from recycled materials, which means you can rest easy knowing your bag has a tiny carbon footprint.

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Lucky Star x Chepa

We decided to form a tag-team duo with Chepa to launch a hard-hitting collection of jackets and track pants called Phatsimo.

The collection we’re cooking up features Lucky Star’s iconic colours and Chepa’s Afrocentric patterns to mess up the whole streetwear game and reshape it in our image.

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Walk the Journey

Lucky Star x Bathu

Lucky Star and Bathu are joining forces to give you the freshest kicks to ever touch the pavement. The striking Lucky Star colour palette collides with the chunky silhouette of iBathu. We take the future of the youth of South Africa seriously, so to show our commitment to the ntwanas, we’ve given away hundreds' shoes to the youth so that they can walk more comfortably into their future.

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Naledi Pottery

Lucky Star is partnering up with Naledi Pottery to bring you meticulously crafted pieces to elevate your pozi. Naledi Pottery's exquisite handmade bowls now also includes a design that feature the iconic colour palette of Lucky Star Pilchards cans.

Naledi Pottery has been selling artisanal cups,plates and vases to tourists in Lange, Cape Town,since 2002.We’re especially gassed up for this team-up because it’s the first time you get to chow your Lucky Star out of a Lucky Star bowl, a truly momentous occasion.

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Bijoux Fantasy

Fashion sense meets the most iconic brand on Mzansi soil with Bijoux Fantasy’s Lucky Star beaded accessories which are fit for royalty. Lucky Star chose Bijoux Fantasy to cook up a line of branded earrings and bangles handcrafted by some of Cape Town’s most talented beaders.

Whether worn as a statement piece or as a subtle nod to South African culture, Bijoux Fantasy's Lucky Star collection will dazzle and delight fashion enthusiasts across the country.  Bijoux Fantasy is based at the V&A Waterfront and have been dazzling locals and tourists alike for more than 20 years.

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