Lucky Star Designer Emporium 

Introducing Lucky Star Designer Emporium:

Our Latest Venture
Lucky Star has been one of South Africa’s favourite brands since 1959 because of our rich heritage and top-tier products. Let's be real, who else do you think of when you picture “tinned fish” or “di pilchard”? We’ve been around so long and seen the world change; from the bubblegum pop of the 80s to the music and fashion of Luh Twizzies in the 2020s. We love all these movements, but Lucky Star doesn’t just observe. No nam,  we also have a creative bone in our body, so we thought why not put that energy into nxa items for your kitchen and closet?

That’s why we’re gassed to present our new website, The Lucky Star Designer’s Emporium. We will be teaming up with the hottest artists and designers in South Africa and letting them design their own limited-edition Lucky Star-themed homeware and fashion. These creations embody the same principles of quality and innovation that define our food products. On top of everything though, this is about putting the youth on, giving you all a platform to showcase your colourful imaginations. If you wanna be part of the movement and design with Lucky Star, please contact us at info@luckystar.co.za